This Month’s Find – Who’s knows?

WHO KNOWS? EDUCATIONAL GAME – This quiz game, which highlights Quebec City’s third centennial in 1908, is made up of square-patterned game cards and short-answer questions. The latter are read to the group of players, and the first to answer correctly places the corresponding piece on their game card. The first player to complete their card wins the game.

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Ambassador’s Portrait: Dominique Laflamme

Can you tell us about your career?

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Université Laval, I started my career for TD Bank in commercial credit, in Montréal. Right in the midst of an economic recession, I had to quickly learn to make my place as a young woman in a man’s world and especially, to make myself a shield.

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Laughs and Other Moments of Happiness Among the Augustinians

Hospital work is obviously serious in itself, but nothing comes in the way of a few moments favorable to a good mood or even humor. Le Monastère des Augustines’ archives are full of documents that testify that the life of the Augustinian Sisters is one of joy, pleasure and laughter. The pictures of the various monasteries illustrate that these women knew how to have fun with each other, but also with those whom they met, as much at the hospital as outside of the conventual setting. Here are some pictures that will probably make you smile.

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