How to unplug from the digital world?

We all know how much smartphones, Internet and social media can quickly become a tsunami of images and information—and a source of distraction. The screens, although colourful and bright, sometimes keep our eyes from remembering our essential values, goals and the very meaning of our lives. In this text, I have provided some ideas to restore a link to your true needs, priorities and passions. I also give you simple and effective tools to calm this almost insatiable hunger for all things digital.

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How to integrate meditation into our daily life?

The benefits of recent scientific research on mindfulness certainly attract us to experience and integrate meditation into our daily lives. The techniques may seem arduous and complex, but I assure you, meditation is actually simple and accessible to all. It essentially requires your presence, attention and steady breathing.

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How to use the past for the benefit of life?

The mere mention of a painful memory revives a hurt that seems to have been anchored in the depths of our being for a few months or many years. Recent research in neuroscience reveals that our memory is not a fixed process in time. It is possible to reactivate painful memories and free oneself from the raw emotions and mental blocks associated with them.

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5 Healthy Tips to Fully Enjoy Summer

The months of July and August are the time to fully enjoy summer and sunny days. Holidays, trips, camping, excursions and hikes are at the heart of many activities. It’s also a good time to meet up with family and friends. Cocktail hours, relaxing meals and discussions around a campfire at the end of the evening reinforce precious ties with the loved ones. These are opportunities that allow us to slow down and get back to the true essence of life. Here are some healthy recommendations to enjoy the summer!

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Neurotransmitters: Our Body’s Precious Messengers

The brain could be compared to a power plant that emits and receives signals throughout the day and night. The nervous system communicates with different parts of the body to maintain homeostasis as well as keep a good balance between the body and mind. These electric waves coordinate movement, breathing, pain, hunger, satiety, memory, concentration, impulsiveness, anger, joy, sadness, and so on.

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The Importance of Melatonin

Did you know that exposure to screens in the evening impedes the optimal secretion of melatonin? Excessive use of smartphones and tablets causes sleep disorders in many people. It is recommended to switch off your devices two hours before bedtime.

Enjoy your evenings to recharge your batteries. Whether you are alone, with your partner or with the family, take a moment of solitude (reading, walking, bathing, self-massage, meditation) to relax, be present and listen to the sensations, emotions and thoughts that emerge late in the day.

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Imane Lahlou
Doctor in Food Science and Naturopath
Author and Speaker