Archives Now Available to the General Public!

On July 4, 2018, the Monastère des Augustines inaugurated a web portal exclusively dedicated to the archives of the Augustinian Sisters. About 3,000 archival documents—nearly 32,000 pages or digitized photos—are accessible to the general public. There are photos, letters, contracts, etc. This is an incredible gift to researchers as well as all those interested in the religious, medical, architectural and social history of Québec! Let’s discover the 10 major themes for those curious enough to venture into the past!

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How to use the past for the benefit of life?

The mere mention of a painful memory revives a hurt that seems to have been anchored in the depths of our being for a few months or many years. Recent research in neuroscience reveals that our memory is not a fixed process in time. It is possible to reactivate painful memories and free oneself from the raw emotions and mental blocks associated with them. Images, emotions and negatively coded perceptions in the emotional brain can be literally “reprogrammed.” These findings relate to one of Nietzsche’s famous maxims when he writes: “Using the past for living.” Here are some of the approaches that have demonstrated their effectiveness and benefits.

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Kamut, a Delight of the Past

A very old variety of grain close to our current wheat, kamut[1], has passed through the millennia, feeding the Egyptians up to today’s young people with a sweet tooth. Its high nutritive content, affordable cost, taste and wonderful texture appeals to many a palate. Not a gluten fan? Kamut is easily digestible—even for people who have a sensitive digestive system Spread the good news!

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Why Enjoy Breakfast in Silence?

retraite printanière déjeuner en silence

“ Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” – Tom Ford

At Le Vivoir, breakfast is taken in silence, a morning ritual in harmony with the site’s historic vocation. When you experience silence, your sensory system starts to relax. Your brain needs to recharge its batteries, and silence is even more conducive to this activity than sleep.

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