The Beginnings of a Monastic Separation

Aux origines d'une séparation monastique

Did you know that in the beginning, the sisters of the Hôpital général de Québec monastery were totally dependent on the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec community? The Hôpital général only became a distinct and independent entity in May 1701, eight years after the arrival of the Augustinians. Archivist Audrey Julien retraces the story behind the separation.

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Letting Go to Achieve Inner Peace

Do you have trouble coping with your emotions, or do you simply wish to work on achieving inner peace? Letting go, a concept that often seems abstract, may help. In fact, it is one of the paths that leads to inner peace, an essential part of a well-balanced existence.

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Yoga For the Family at Le Monastère

Le Monastère offers playful and entertaining family yoga workshops, where parents and grandparents are encouraged to discover the benefits of yoga with their children and grandchildren, through improvisation and imagination. These family-related workshops are conducted under the direction of yoga teacher Marie-Claude Paradis. She explains the purpose of the family and its benefits for children and families.

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Curry Vegetarian Roll Recipe

Recette de rouleau végétarien au cari

In order to provide healthy nutrients for the brain, I offer you a colorful “all-season” vegetarian roll recipe, inspired by the classic spring roll, as a beautiful alternative to the traditional ham, lettuce and cheese sandwich. This is a gourmet vegetarian meal that is light and full of vitality. This recipe is ideal for those of you who are prone to drowsiness and reduced concentration after lunch.

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A lottery as a source of financing

In July 2019, Le Monastère des Augustines launched its first Loto-répits (Respite Lottery) to raise funds for its respite care program benefitting caregivers. Turning to a lottery as a funding activity may seem surprising, but it’s a relatively old practice. The Augustinian Sisters have used it in the past, notably in 1871 to support the foundation of the Hôtel-Dieu du Sacré-Coeur in Québec. A more recent example is linked to Maison Catherine de Longpré, a private hospice co-founded by the Saint-Georges Augustinian Sisters. Here’s a look at the history of the organization, and how lotteries pertain to its foundation and running.

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