Choosing the right wellness retreat

We all dream of taking a break from our everyday lives. Have you ever considered a wellness retreat?

A number of places in Québec offer the kind of stay that will let you take a step back from your life. Whether you choose to go with a facilitator or go on your own, a wellness retreat can nourish your inner world. It can offer an introspective journey that’s conducive to mindfulness. A retreat can get you out of your routine and can even spark a fresh start.

Does this idea appeal to you? Here are a few things worth considering to help you choose the right wellness retreat and prepare for your stay. 

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Stress levels and adaptation

L’adaptation et les niveaux de stress

At some point in their life, everyone has had to experience stress on some level and face the challenges of adapting to it. We all have a loved one that we can’t help but worry about as they go through a stressful period. The terms adaptation and stress levels have gained new significance in this pandemic, which has created new challenges for everyone. The Modèle Intégratif-Intervention (integrated intervention model, or MII) developed by Doris Langlois examines the topics of adaptation and stress. Below are some of the findings of the model.

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Self-compassion for self-love

Learning to self-love and understand yourself can be the quest of a lifetime, as it is for many. Self-compassion is an ideal ally for such a quest. But what is self-compassion exactly? According to Dr. Kristin Neff, it’s being understanding, open and kind in the face of your own failures, mistakes and personal troubles. It’s the idea that imperfection and suffering are part of the human experience.[1]

L’autocompassion: pour s’aimer soi-même

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Happiness, an adventure within

Le bonheur, une aventure en soi

Regardless of our birthplace, culture or traditions, everyone wants to find happiness. Happiness is more than a feeling; it’s a state of being. It evokes love, joy, peace, health, balance and harmony. Happiness is an entire universe within ourselves! It’s a place that colours our nature and our spirit. Happiness is beyond words. It’s a garden we plant and cultivate—one that guides us on a profound level. Happiness is also coloured by the experiences that etch our lives.

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Meditation: facts and myths

Meditation has been rising in popularity over the past few years. It’s a return to the self in a time where the breakneck pace of our lives makes it all too easy to forget our priorities. And yet, a surprising amount of confusion persists between myths and facts around this practice that has existed for thousands of years. To get a better picture of the practice, we’ve decided to clear up a few points about meditation and separate fact from fiction.

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