4 Ways of Being Good to Yourself in February

During this month-long celebration of love, Le Monastère des Augustines invites you to be extra good to yourself. Here are 4 ways of taking care of yourself and cultivating your well-being this February.

1. Enjoy a spa and monastic experience package

Le Monastère and Strom spa Vieux-Québec have joined forces to help you experience ultimate relaxation in the heart of the historical downtown area. Two new packages which combine the power of water and the benefits of the monastic experience are now available: the Relaxation and spa package, and the Foodie and spa package. Experience a deep moment of renewal in two locations devoted to your well-being. These packages are offered at all times.

2. Pamper yourself with a Floral massage

Dream of spring with our new Floral massage featuring rose and calendula essences. During this treatment which softens, revitalizes, and firms the skin, you’ll be pampered with moisturizing flower essences. As a complement to this relaxing experience, enjoy our signature Harmony herbal tea made with rose, marshmallow, linden, and ginseng, which will help tone your body and calm your mind. 

3. Get acquainted with conscious eating

Did you know that Le Restaurant du Monastère offers a unique culinary approach? Organic foods chosen for their unique virtues and prepared to help you reap their benefits, local and responsible sourcing, breakfast in silence… Le Restaurant invites you to discover the fundamentals of conscious eating through its flavourful and original cuisine. A true culinary adventure awaits at Le Monastère thanks to Le Restaurant’s 6-course “Experience” evening service available from Tuesday to Saturday! On Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 14), Le Restaurant will be offering a special thematic “for the love of cooking” menu featuring flowers, chocolate, and local organic foods. 

4. Take a look at your overall health

Have you ever stopped to consider the state of your overall health? Le Monastère invites you to take an interest in your body, mind, emotions, and spirituality. How? By booking an overall health consultation or a personalized stay. Le Monastère also offers free tools to help you take stock of your health from a global perspective by taking advantage of its video space (in French) and blog, where you’ll find articles on topics such as identifying and accepting your emotions and cultivating inner peace through sustainable travel. Discover the portion of Le Monastère’s blog that focuses on holistic health.

The entire Monastère team wishes you a great February, focused on your personal health and wellness!