Sustainable Development | Every Little Action Counts!

Sustainable development is at the heart of Le Monastère des Augustines’ priorities and those of our employees. In April 2018, to celebrate Earth Day, and to continue raising awareness of the importance of adopting a socially responsible lifestyle, members of our team pledged to carry out eco-friendly initiatives for a minimum of one month.

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Together for the Richness of Québec’s Terroir

“To eat is to incorporate a territory” – Jean Brunhes, Geographer (1869-1930)

Do you know the solidarity cooperative Le PRÉ? The Monastère’s team is proud that our Executive Chef, Christophe Perny is one of Le PRÉ’s co-founders. It was by collaborating with Cavila Dubé, owner of Jardin des Arômes, located in Pintendre, that the idea for Le PRÉ was born. Together, they decided to create a new cooperative so that more restaurateurs could access fresh produce from the Québec City region.

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