The Augustinians archives become part of the Canada Memory of the World Register

A tribute to the Augustinians’ legacy of caring for a unique documentary heritage

For more than 375 years, the Augustinians were the creators and guardians of unsuspected treasures. Thanks to a rich heritage preserved over the centuries, the Monastère des Augustines is now a unique place of history as well as an exceptional research location to discover the history of the Augustinians and that of Québec society.

The Monastère des Augustines archive centre preserves, describes and shares the Augustinian’s exceptional heritage, 2015, Québec City, Le Monastère des Augustines.

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A Spring Retreat at Le Monastère

Springtime is often synonymous with renewal and is a pivotal time for some. It is an opportunity to start over, inspired by the awakening nature and warm weather. Spending more time enjoying the fresh air, taking care of your health and adopting healthy habits are resolutions that this beautiful season helps us make. This spring, why not spend time for your well-being in a setting conducive to relaxation and being with your inner self? Did you know that Le Monastère is the ideal destination for wellness?

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A Mother-Daughter Wellness Retreat at Le Monastère des Augustines

5 façons de se faire du bien en février

With Mother’s Day approaching, are you looking for a great way to spend quality mother-daughter time? Here is a suggestion that is both original and memorable: a mother-daughter retreat in an enchanting location at the heart of Old Quebec. A true adventure awaits at Le Monastère des Augustines, a nearly four-centuries-old haven of peace whose Zen ambiance and incredible beauty are sure to charm you.

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Valentine’s Day at Le Monastère des Augustines

Although it is often viewed as a materialistic event, Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity to show your love to those close to you and yourself. This day, which encourages us to express our love through gifts or kind messages, is also an opportunity to spend quality time with a loved one and find time to express love for each other. As we approach Valentine’s Day, here are 4 activities we offer to celebrate love through wellness and in a sustainable perspective.

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