Butternut squash

Did you know that butternut squash has been known for over 8000 to 10 000 years? First Nations people used to eat the seeds. The Aztecs, May and Incas cultivated butternut squash at the same time as corn and beans. Christopher Columbus was the first European to taste this fruit; he subsequently brought it back to Europe.

As cool fall weather approaches, why not make a delicious and colourful soup? It is truly comforting with warm spices, such as ginger, cumin or cayenne pepper.

butternut squash

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Curry Vegetarian Roll Recipe

Recette de rouleau végétarien au cari

In order to provide healthy nutrients for the brain, I offer you a colorful “all-season” vegetarian roll recipe, inspired by the classic spring roll, as a beautiful alternative to the traditional ham, lettuce and cheese sandwich. This is a gourmet vegetarian meal that is light and full of vitality. This recipe is ideal for those of you who are prone to drowsiness and reduced concentration after lunch.

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Lobster and Asparagus Charlotte

During the month of June, asparagus and lobster season are in full swing in Québec. To make the most of these two delicious, seasonal and local ingredients, why not enjoy a tasty blend of the two? Jean-Mathieu Leclerc, Chef at Le Monastère’s Restaurant, has provided this delicious lobster and asparagus charlotte recipe. It’s a fresh recipe showcasing Québec products!

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5 Easily Replaceable Traditional Ingredients

Steeped in the values of holistic health, Le Restaurant du Le Monastère des Augustines offers a varied menu that changes with the seasons. In order to offer the best to visitors, some foods have been very carefully replaced or substituted with ingredients known for their nutritional value. Our talented chefs consider the importance of a healthy and complete diet when creating the menus. Here are five ingredients that we have chosen to replace with a food from our “substitute pantry.”

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Mint Infusion

Did you know that a mint infused water is refreshing in summer and comforting in winter? Furthermore, mint was once used by the Augustinians Sisters in the preparation of different remedies. This plant was even grown in the apothecary’s square. I propose you one of my favorite infusions! Vitality and pleasure assured.

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Vegan aioli with garlic olive oil from Maison Orphée

Have you tested the Petit bronzé, the excellent vegan burger at the Monastère des Augustines restaurant? It was offered for a very limited time as part of Burger Week 2018. Did you know that you can make the vegan aioli from that burger at home? Our chef offers her recipe for the aioli, which is made with garlic olive oil from Maison Orphée! Easy to make and above all, delicious!

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Kamut, a Delight of the Past

A very old variety of grain close to our current wheat, kamut[1], has passed through the millennia, feeding the Egyptians up to today’s young people with a sweet tooth. Its high nutritive content, affordable cost, taste and wonderful texture appeals to many a palate. Not a gluten fan? Kamut is easily digestible—even for people who have a sensitive digestive system Spread the good news!

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Tofu “Strong Enough”

Greetings foodies!

I would like to share a great and affordable recipe that helped me gain a better appreciation of tofu more than twenty years ago. I use this recipe over and over again because it is so tasty! This is a vegetarian adaptation of a classic Beef Stroganoff recipe: Tofu “Strong Enough” (pun intended). I think it adapts to all palates: even my young daughter loves it!  Now that is pretty impressive!

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