A preference for simplicity at Le Monastère

Le Monastère des Augustines, une destination à découvrir

When the monastery of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec was rehabilitated, the artisans had a real consensus about the way the building should be; the old wings were the first thing where they focussed their work. Naturally, the highlight of the Augustinians architectural legacy was guided by their intangible, social and spiritual heritage.

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Draw inspiration from the first hospitallers to relearn how to take care of others

At the time of rehabilitating their monastery, the Augustinian Sisters wanted to transition their vocation from curing patients towards taking care of caregivers. Their vision became a reality at the Monastère des Augustines when they offered respite for caregivers and health professionals—those courageous souls who care for or serve the sick and vulnerable.

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Together for the Richness of Québec’s Terroir

“To eat is to incorporate a territory” – Jean Brunhes, Geographer (1869-1930)

Do you know the solidarity cooperative Le PRÉ? The Monastère’s team is proud that our Executive Chef, Christophe Perny is one of Le PRÉ’s co-founders. It was by collaborating with Cavila Dubé, owner of Jardin des Arômes, located in Pintendre, that the idea for Le PRÉ was born. Together, they decided to create a new cooperative so that more restaurateurs could access fresh produce from the Québec City region.

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