A lottery as a source of financing

In July 2019, Le Monastère des Augustines launched its first Loto-répits (Respite Lottery) to raise funds for its respite care program benefitting caregivers. Turning to a lottery as a funding activity may seem surprising, but it’s a relatively old practice. The Augustinian Sisters have used it in the past, notably in 1871 to support the […]

The Children of the “Tour”

As part of a traineeship project for her Bachelor’s Degree in Historical Science and Heritage studies at Université Laval, Farah Verret had the opportunity to work with the “Fonds Enfants abandonnés” at the archives centre of Le Monastère des Augustines. The Fund includes records, notes, correspondence and extracts from parish registers. With a goal to […]

How to use the past for the benefit of life?

The mere mention of a painful memory revives a hurt that seems to have been anchored in the depths of our being for a few months or many years. Recent research in neuroscience reveals that our memory is not a fixed process in time. It is possible to reactivate painful memories and free oneself from […]